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In my personal opinion, nobody won the the debate yesterday.  Each candidate had their own style of speaking and explaining the issues, and each one connected to the people who supported them.  That’s fine.  But personally, it was good to see the Baracuda untethered by Katie Couric up on stage.  Sarah Palin knew she wasn’t going to win lots of points with the media, so she might as well target the general audience on TV.  After all, who will vote in November?  The media or the audience? 

I like the fact that she is verbally nimble (if not more) than the political veteran she was standing next to.  I tell you, if she can do that after 5 weeks of practicing and being coached, imaging what she can do with 4 years of experience under her belt (should McCain win and she would have to debate again in his re-election.)  Hillary Clinton must feel threatened now that another star is rising much faster than she did.


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