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I read an article in TIME magazine a few months ago, and it has been an eye-opener regarding ethanol and other biofuels.  Sure, having the renewable energy available to you is great, as a substitute to regular gasoline.  But does anybody realize the enormous ramifications it may have outside of our country’s borders?

Just think about this: Did you know that our increased demand for ethanol has suddenly made land in Brazil very valuable for growing the crops that produce ethanol? Poor farmers are cashing in on the opportunity, so what do they do?  Slash and burn the Amazon rain forest! Without the rain forest, how can all that carbon dioxide be taken out of the atmosphere?  Those crops are not as efficient at taking out the CO2 from the atmosphere as the rain forest — so you’re left with a net INCREASE in carbon dioxide in the air!

Don’t believe me?  Read this.

Word of advice:   Always follow the money trail.


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