My husband just showed me this video going around the email circuit.  No fanfare, just a simple and very touching message.  I pray for this man and all those who serve our country.

God bless them all.


The lies about Sarah Palin

Glenn Beck wrote this article for CNN, discrediting some of the lies about her. Again, about time.

This is wonderful! A very respected newspaper gives Sarah Palin some credit. About time.

Do people really think McCain expected to have a decent, cordial conversation about politics with the ladies from The View? Uh, no, I don’t think he was that naive.

He got pummeled by Barbara, Whoopi, and the others for having Sarah Palin on the ticket. Surprise, surprise! She has been the topic of their conversations ever since she was picked, and they have let it known they dislike her. Intensely. So when John McCain walked in, sat down with them, people were expecting a fight. And, my gosh, did they get one. But McCain strategically defended Palin as much as he could without sounding like an overbearing Republican. What he did was he let himself become a punching bag for some rude, angry, desperate women — for all the world to see. He provoked their fury, their rage, their insecurity and for what?

More votes, people. Lots more votes. The women who watch the view (stay-at-home mom’s especially) were probably shocked that morning that they have been watching some very insecure women all this time (although I’m sure a lot of them noticed that before hand). Insecurity and rudeness is not very becoming of any celebrity who want their viewers to vote for their choice candidate. If anything, it speaks ill of themselves and the people they support. If the ladies of The View want people to see that they seek to “represent” Obama, they’re making him look REALLY bad.
Now that’s was I call strategy. Kudos to McCain for having the foresight to use Barbara and Whoopi to further his campaign.

Obama is stumbling

Is it just me or is Obama stumbling a little bit? He is making slip-ups in interviews and now two of his major decisions as head of his campaign is coming back to haunt him. Decision #1: his VP pick. Gosh he’s boring. Sure he has plenty of national defense experience but he did nothing to heal the rift of his party. (But then again Hillary as VP would have hurt Obama’s pride and he couldn’t have that.) Biden is not a revolutionary figure, although I hear he does try to be controversial by what he says most of the time. Really I don’t think Biden was a true asset to the ticket, just a guy to patch up the holes in Obama’s resume. In his mind, Biden was a suitable choice because he was ahead in the polls anyway so why go do something as drastic as pick Hillary as his running mate? This is a fatal mistake: he assumed. Assuming anything about the future leaves you open to vulnerability. He assumed he was and always will be in control of the campaign. Decision #2: he chose not to accept federal campaign money. According to the NYT, he now has to campaign for more money. People are not giving to him like they use to. Why? Beats me. It’s a tough economy. Maybe people need to by gas with that money. Whatever. But Obama assumed that the people in the internet are a bottomless pit of cash that he can draw from. Surprise! Not the case. Again, he assumed too much. And he spent too much. Why oh why do you need a stadium all to yourself to make your acceptance speech? Yeah, he wanted to make a grand entrance, but is this just a first glimps of how you’re going to spend our hard-earned tax money? Lavishly and without any forethought as to what it is going to cost? Goodness.

McCain made better decisions in these two topics. When he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, I doubt he had his hopes up about stealing all the angry Hillary supporters. He knew better. What he really needed was to get his own base. All year long the Republican base was apathetic to say he least. He needed to wake up “the sleeping giant” called the conservative base. This is the base that elected George Bush to the White House – twice, much to the Democrat’s dismay. He needed that base if he had any hope of surviving. So now the giant is wide awake and very much on his side now. Also, McCain took the federal campaign money, and now he’s free of worries about cash flow. He can just attack Obama every single day. Folks that’s thinking ahead. And I feel much more comfortable voting for a guy who makes sound decisions rather than being flashy.

I can’t say when the last time a political candidate got me to start a blog. So this is a first. I’m voting for Sarah Palin because she is one great gal. And I guess I need to vent about my thoughts….heck my frustration about how eveyone is reacting to her. Everyone has chosen sides, including me, about her policies and how she chooses to live her life. And dang it I’ve got something to say about that! So her goes.

Sarah is the anti-Hillary. Everyone knew that from the get go. What’s surprising is that the feminist ladies are having such a viceral hatred for her that they don’t know what to do with themselves. Newsflash: that was how we felt about Hillary. You are now feeling what we have felt for the past two decades or so. My advice: get used to it. Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere now that all of America has seen her, win or lose. She will become the heir apparent of the Republican party and they won’t let her disappear in Alaska again. And I commend John McCain for having the self confidence in himself to pick her as his running-mate, unlike you-know-who. Obama knew that if he picked Hillary, he would be overshadowed for the next 4 years.