Hmm. This is very revealing.

A CBS reporter complains that the Obama campaign is somewhat chaotic, uncoordinated, not respectful, and the plane stinks? 



I have learned over the years that a person should be very careful about the friends that he or she chooses to spend time with.  Ideas and philosophies, good and bad, get passed back and forth between the two individuals.  As the years tick by, those ideas slowly creep into the psyche and becomes part of that person.

So what part of the psyche of William Ayes got passed to the man who could potentially be the next president of the United States of America and the leader of the free world?  I didn’t think too much about it, until I read this. John Murtagh gives a chilling account of an attempt on the lives of his whole family by the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organisation William Ayers was a part of in the 1970’s.

Alarmed, I investigated further, wondering just how close the two of them were, and found this video from CNN.  

Oh dear.  When a man who bombed the Pentagon back in the day decides to host your political coming-out party at his own house, wouldn’t you do a double-take?  If you claim to stand for change and serving our country, wouldn’t you re-evaluate the philosophies of those around you?  Heck, doesn’t Obama have any principles?   (I’m not even going to start on Reverend Wright today.  That’s another post all together – a very angry one.)

I don’t expect lofty principles and proper judgement from everyone I meet. But dang it, I expect it from the person who inherits the power and influence of leader of the free world.  That is a tremendous amount of power to wield, and without proper judgement, principles, and a reverence to God, he becomes the most dangerous individual on this planet.

Now, honestly, I don’t think 70 million people would tune in to see Joe Biden debate.  He’s not the type of guy who would draw such a crowd. But Sarah however, she’s a different story.  The Republican National Convention was just a warm up – only 40 million tuned in.  The same number as Barack Obama’s speech. Now she commands an audience of 70 million – all thanks to Katie Couric and CBS.  If they hadn’t butchered her interview so badly, not as many people would have tuned in to possibly see her stumble.  So on Thursday night, she had what she wanted: an unfiltered view of Sarah Palin, her policies, and what she stands for.  In front of 70 million! 

Thanks Katie. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

Wow!  Finally, some of them are coming around.  Credit goes to Wizbang for posting this video of Sarah Palin in a rally in Carson, CA.  Woo hoo!

Vice Presidential Debate

In my personal opinion, nobody won the the debate yesterday.  Each candidate had their own style of speaking and explaining the issues, and each one connected to the people who supported them.  That’s fine.  But personally, it was good to see the Baracuda untethered by Katie Couric up on stage.  Sarah Palin knew she wasn’t going to win lots of points with the media, so she might as well target the general audience on TV.  After all, who will vote in November?  The media or the audience? 

I like the fact that she is verbally nimble (if not more) than the political veteran she was standing next to.  I tell you, if she can do that after 5 weeks of practicing and being coached, imaging what she can do with 4 years of experience under her belt (should McCain win and she would have to debate again in his re-election.)  Hillary Clinton must feel threatened now that another star is rising much faster than she did.

Honestly, how can you? I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that by voting Democrat, you’re saying it’s okay to kill hundreds of thousand of babies. But then on Sundays, you go to church, declare your faith in God, and promise to follow all of His commands, including “Thou shall not kill”. 

Please understand this.  Politicians only have power if we vote them into office. If Christians vote a pro-abortion politician into office, they are saying “Please give us the right to kill our babies when it suits our needs.”  Thus, as a Christian, you are allowing the sacrifice of babies for the sake of a convenient life.  

So can you be a Christian and vote Democrat? Can you stomach the fact that the organization Planned Parenthood performed 264,943 abortions in 2005? And 289,750 in 2006?  Don’t believe me?  Go to the bottom of page 4 in the Planned Parenthood Annual Report 2006-2007, under “Abortion Services”.   Please also note their number for “Adoption Referrals to Other Agencies”: 2,413.  

Please. Please tell me how on earth can ANYONE call themselves a Christian and a Democrat? All other issues aside, this has to be one of the deciding factors near and dear to all Christians when exercising our power to vote.

 But, if you still think otherwise, then you’re not really a Christian, are you?

I read an article in TIME magazine a few months ago, and it has been an eye-opener regarding ethanol and other biofuels.  Sure, having the renewable energy available to you is great, as a substitute to regular gasoline.  But does anybody realize the enormous ramifications it may have outside of our country’s borders?

Just think about this: Did you know that our increased demand for ethanol has suddenly made land in Brazil very valuable for growing the crops that produce ethanol? Poor farmers are cashing in on the opportunity, so what do they do?  Slash and burn the Amazon rain forest! Without the rain forest, how can all that carbon dioxide be taken out of the atmosphere?  Those crops are not as efficient at taking out the CO2 from the atmosphere as the rain forest — so you’re left with a net INCREASE in carbon dioxide in the air!

Don’t believe me?  Read this.

Word of advice:   Always follow the money trail.